Vincent Wan

Vincent Wan

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First Name * Vincent
Last Name * Wan
Username * vincent1
Country * Malaysia
City Shah Alam
Nationality Malaysian



Achievement & Experience

Multi-Media, Booth Design and Launch Event Coordination
- Coordinated Launches and booth designs for GlaxoSmithKline's Havrix
Hepatitis-A Vaccine, Varilrix Chicken Pox Vaccine, Kytril and Seroxat.
- Booth design and coordination for Inproser Group of Companies
chicken feed innovation at MAHA 2002. Best & Most Innovative Booth
Design Winner in the Private Section against companies like Nestle,
Ayamas, etc.
- produced from an assistant producer capacity, the Inbound/Outbound
road shows for Malaysia Airlines.
- Multimedia coordination for Ad Asia 1990 Convention in Kuala Kumpur.
- Assistant produced Multimedia show for Tourist Development of
Malaysia's Visit Malaysia Year 1990.
Various booth design and event management & coordination for multinational
companies like Toyota, CBIP, Schering Plough, Janssen-Cilag
and Merck, Sharpe & Dome, Hong Leong Guocera amongst others.

Corporate Videos
- Concept and production from start to finish projects for CBIP Berhad,
SES Waste Water Treatment, Inproser Group of Companies ,
SmartKlamp and MSD's Ezetrol.
TV Commercials
- Concept, production from start to finish tv commercials for Schering-
Ploughís Clarinase and Clarityne (cold & allergy medications) for
broadcast in Singapore (2000 - 2002)
- EuroPharmaís Karihome Goatís Milk for broadcast in Singapore
Website Design and Implementation
- (British Audio Manufacturer)
- Singer Sewing Machine International Turkey (now offline)
Brand Communications & Marketing Consultation, Creative and
Art Direction
In my 15 years of agency experience, I have had the privilege to
produce, creative and art-direct these various companies and
brand names:
Toyota, Yamaha, CB Industrial Product (CBIP Berhad), Assunta Hospital,
GlaxoSmithKline, Schering-Plough, Janssen-Cilag, MSD, HOE
Phamaceuticals, Hong Leong Berhad, Singer International, Inproser
Group of Comapanies, Hume, Guocera Tiles, Seacera Tiles, Mutiara
Group of Hotels and Resorts, Malaysia Airlines, Tourist Development
of Malaysia (TDC), Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA),
Las Carretas chain of restaurants amongst many others.

- Clarinase, Clarityne, Havrix, Kytril, Engerix-B, Varilrix, Seroxat, Panadol,
Subutex, Ezetrol, Aerius, Karihome, HOE, Nasonex, IAMS, Toyota,
Yamaha, Exposure HiFi, Assunta, MAS, KLGCC, Mutiara, HUME,
Versace, Arrow, Hong Leong, Guocera, Singer, SmartKlamp amongst
many others.


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